Tips in Choosing an Apparel Printing Company for Your Promotion

In addition to custom work apparel, small business owners will often use branded uniforms or apparel printing to promote their products and services. Apparel printing is an excellent marketing opportunity. Your logo or design reaches not only the person wearing it, but also everyone around them. If your clothing is printed with a catchy design, it will likely stick around the wearer’s closet, drawers, and body for a long time. Here are some tips to help you choose a company for your apparel printing needs:

Choose a printer that is capable of delivering high-quality designs. In general, you can use both traditional and digital printing for apparel. Digital printing is recommended for designs that involve several colors and gradients. You can position your designs on a large number of garments and have the design printed on as many as one color per garment. However, you should note that a minimum order of 100 pieces is required for this method. When selecting a printer, look for the quality and size of the print.

When it comes to T-shirt printing, the ink you choose for this type of garment is very important. Unlike other materials, T-shirts are susceptible to liquids and moisture. You should also ensure that your printer is calibrated. The printed design will always look different on a garment compared to its monitor. This is because most fabrics are matte and the light changes the appearance of the material. The Epson F2000 and F2100 are considering gold-standard direct-to-garment printers.

Another technique for designing apparel is screen printing. Screen printing is one of the oldest forms of apparel printing. A stencil is used to load ink onto the fabric. After the design is done, the screen is exposed to light and heat. The UV light cured ink makes it difficult for the design to fade. In contrast, heat-pressed inks are not transparent and can bleed through the fabric. This process is best used for clothing that requires intricate detailing.

Another type of apparel printing uses direct-to-garment printers. The DTG printer works similarly to an inkjet printer but applies water-based ink directly to the fabric. However, because the dyes used are water-based, you need to pre-treat the fabric before the DTG printer prints it on it. This prevents the ink from penetrating into the fabric, making it last longer. If you’re looking to print the same design on various types of garments, then this method is an excellent option.

Another type of apparel printing is sublimation printing. This technique uses special inks to transfer images from paper to fabric. When heated, the inks transform from solid to gas and bond to the fabric. This process does not produce water waste, and the transfer paper is usually recyclable. It’s the best method for printing the entire surface of a garment. This type of apparel printing has the highest level of resolution and quality. If you want to print your logo or other design on a shirt or sweater, this method is the best choice for you. If you’re looking for custom apparel printing services in Tacoma, we recommend Tacoma Printing the best custom print shop in Tacoma. If you’re interested in finding a great apparel printing service, call, or visit them at

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